Sunday, June 20, 2010

When Its Easier To Stay

My generation is full of broken relationships that probably started with broken promises. I am a person of very high expectations, especially simple shit that I feel should be done automatically. My expectations are ruining and has ruined my relationships. I honestly feel that I deserve the best and I won't allow myself to compromise when faced with anything different. My relationships, like everyone else's has their share of ups and downs. Nothing is perfect and it never will be, but what do you do when its easier to stay than to leave. Life is surrounded with uncertainties and opportunities....maybe this is just a storm that will soon pass. The sad part is that I lost my storm gear two storms ago. Can I stand the rain? I'm not a quitter but I'm tired of playing this game. I will pray on the situation for some much needed guidance. Have a good night, I'm going to sleep eventually to wake and start a brand new day.


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Anonymous said...

Ty, you have some beautiful thoughts. I still need to know if you are my Ty, email me at

Wishing you the best in life, Moe, your old friend who just made it home.